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What We Offer

Our diverse services are designed to create a clear picture of your company’s current performance as well as its future potential. W do more than just reporting on your company’s history, we help you determine its future.

Accounting Services

Our customized accounting solutions can provide the perfect balance between functionality and budget. We help you with the financial aspects while you focus on the running of your business. Our team assures the delivery of timely and accurate reporting.

Tax Compliance

With extensive experience in specialized areas, such as business taxation, individual taxation, estate taxation, state and local taxation, and transaction services, our tax team can provide you with a comprehensive tax strategy that accounts for all of the activities you have in your life and on your tax return.

Audit & other engagements

Audits offer the most comprehensive, highest level of assurance and are often required by lenders, investors, and sureties. Be it internal audit, forensic audit or other non assurance engagements, you can count on us to get the work done.

Payroll Services

We take care of all your payroll needs, produce accurate IRP5 documents and customise the system to handle weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls. We also email your employees payslips as and you require.

Secretarial Services

Our Statutory Services makes sure all your statutory needs are covered. From maintaining all statutory records, ensuring all co-operation and shareholder agreements are in place, to doing all necessary submissions to CIPC.

Audit Readiness

An audit readiness assessment probes the auditability of your financial reporting processes. It’s like a pre-test to see how well your systems, processes, and documentation are buttoned up


Our Process

We have processes we follow to ensure you get the best service.


Understanding your business

We ensure that we understand what our clients do – services/products. We get an understanding of their Financial and Taxation position. We establish their Business model. We identify their Points of pain.



Match the numbers to your business objectives and personal goals. Highlight opportunities.
Analyse obstacles


Practical implementation

Direct and regular access to one main point of contact. Practical day to day advice. Regular reviews against your business objectives. Forward planning with a focus on risk mitigation

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